Better than Tinder: Man discovers new dating service phonebook

Better than Tinder: Man discovers new dating service phonebook

Essen – Tinder has long no longer installed on their smartphone Jonas Renning. And when asked about other dating apps the 24 -year-old can only laugh. Since he has met by chance two weeks ago on the new dating service’ phone book’, he has to make his love life any more. ‘ I’ve never been so used a straightforward service’, tells Renning excited.’ It opens the thing simply by wiping motion and immediately gets displayed hundreds of potential sexual partners. If a person likes, just get the code number next to the name in his smartphone typing and is directly connected to the person !’

‘ Yes, hello ! I have seen, you are also in’ phonebook’. Should we meet one day?’ In addition, show’ Phonebook’ significantly more people in its environment than about Tinder.’ And if you have a page through, then you just swipet further and again several hundred contacts in front of him,’ said the engineering student.

Another advantage: Unlike the Tinder – app that connects only with persons who themselves find the user also attractive, each participant can be in’ phonebook’ invariably contact immediately. And the best part: The service is completely free.’ That thing was just so in my mailbox’, tells Renning.

After two weeks of use he is more than convinced of the application.’ But the choice is huge. From the married housewife on the experimental GILF everything’ because, he says.’ And once a year there is a bold update with lots of new contacts.’

For the time being is Jonas Renning’ Phonebook’ but probably no longer use. He wants the next time focus on his relationship with Anneliese Aaronson, which he has recently met.

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