Guide: Everything you need to know about gay marriage

Guide: Everything you need to know about gay marriage

Ehegattensplitting, adoption rights, gay divorce is discussed on equality of same-sex partnerships with marriage for a long time. But what is at stake in the debate? Was married not always kinda gay? The Postillon has researched and answered the most important questions:

Why to marry homosexuals?

Forgotten wedding day, creeping alienation, hatred of annoying habits of the partner: Gay men want to finally be able to give up the benefits of open partnerships in favor of grueling, lifelong hell of an average German marriage. Also: Everyone knows that there is nothing more romantic than protect the love between two people by a legal agreement, so as to benefit from tax advantages. Will you something ( 9 ) at all? What speaks against same-sex marriages?

Critics fear that the equality of same-sex marriage undermines the traditional family and therefore fewer and fewer children are born. For this reason, soon infertile or career-minded people should be forbidden to marry. Women over 50 should generally include no more marriage and – if they are already married – divorced automatically.

What are the gray areas?

There are already a way for gays and lesbians, quite legally and even to get married in church, namely whenever a gay married a lesbian. Even weddings between different sex and bisexual dominatrix and slave are generally accepted.

Why is the CSU particularly embittered against gay marriage equality fights against same-sex marriages?

the CSU.. You want to continue to adhere to the traditional family portrait of father, mother, three children, beloved of the Father and illegitimate child, as exemplified impressively about by CSU leader Horst Seehofer not propagated: Priest Why is the Church against same-sex marriages?

the Catholic Church also balks at equality. You want to continue to hold on to their own traditional family portrait of father, Virgin, God and child. Protection of the family also serves as already the condom ban to secure the supply of altar boys. As the world affect the thousands of celibate priests to the number of children has not been studied.

What next?

lawyers are already working feverishly on compromise proposals. For example, consider whether a temporary sex change ( at least for the duration of the marriage ceremony ) one of the two partners could satisfy all the parties to the dispute. The possibility that more ever a gay and a lesbian couple crosswise marry and everyone then permanently unfaithful, so that they benefit from the Ehegattensplitting least be discussed.

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