Man who looks random as Adolf Hitler, feels discriminated against

Man who looks random as Adolf Hitler, feels discriminated against

Hamburg (archive ) – The 44 -year-old postal clerk Gunter Teisen it has not been easy. Just because it looks purely accidental as the former Chancellor and dictator Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), he is bullied and shunned by his colleagues. In addition, his employer allowed him no customer contact. Is in our supposedly tolerant society really no place for a man who is like the cruel mass murderer of all time to a hair?

Teisen which the’ R’ emphasizes particularly hard because precise language it is very important, can not understand why exclude him his colleagues:’ Sometimes, when I look in the morning while shaving in the mirror, I will very sad. What can I help it that I look so exactly what I look like? My father already looked like Hitler, my grandfather looked like Hitler. And Hitler himself saw the way like my great-grandfather.’

quarrels with his fate: Gunter Teisen But not only at work Teisen is discriminated. Even everyday administrative procedures, or shopping at the grocery store are running the gauntlet for him. Everywhere he is stared at, harassed or ridiculed. Applause he receives only a few diehards, with whom he will have nothing to do. On a walk in the more left- tinged Schanzenviertel or St. Pauli is not to be thought only.

where the postal workers is foreign to right thinking.’ I choose, as long as I can remember, the SPD’, so Teisen thoughtfully while his side parting follow suit accurately with a comb. In the party never enter it but could, because the comrades would have nothing to do with him.

After all, Teisen hopes already to escape at least for a short time in the hustle and bustle and everyday office soon. From next week he is on vacation and planning a trip to Israel to bring back to recoup in the’ Holy Land’ new strength.

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