Surgeons succeed first transplant of an entire people

Surgeons succeed first transplant of an entire people

Berlin ( Archive ) – It is a medical sensation that is unparalleled: the surgeon renowned Charite in Berlin, it is the first time to transplant an entire people. Both the receiver ( 93 ) and the dispenser ( 31 ) of the transplanted body withstood the force to be extremely complicated procedure, without even carry off only a scar.

Sens ago, supporters after surgery’ Theobald Sens ( 93 ) would have a new heart, new kidneys, two lungs and artificial discs needed. He also suffered from severe Alzheimer’ explained Dr Max Waldner, who led the operation.’ Since we have considered that it would be best, equal to transplant an entire people. Fortunately helped us with the 31 -year-old Frank supporters a suitable and healthy whole-body donor available.’

In a several-hour operation succeeded doctors then, with surgical precision to remove the whole body of the terminally ill Theobald Sens from the operating table and then replace it with the dispenser body.

Sens after, supporters before the OP’ The most critical phase was for us when we had the empty operating table in front of us’, described Dr. Waldner the Postillon .’ We crept doubt whether we really can put an entire people in this nothingness.’ Also you

‘ve can not be certain whether the new body does not absto├če again. But it was possible. Already one hour after the procedure came to Sens to.’ I feel very well,’ said the 93 -year-old.’ However, I can not remember my former life me, since I have taken over all the memories of the whole-body donor with my new body. You may also like to call me by the way Frank.’

After his discharge from the hospital Sens plans as soon as possible to return to his old life, which, as informed him doctors, it is to enjoy together with his 89 -year-old wife Agnes the retired life.

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