Poll: People in a stable relationship go more often stranger than singles

Poll: People in a stable relationship go more often stranger than singles

Munich – Most Singles apply as daredevils with constantly changing partners who know what to do with the term’ loyalty’. A recent survey now refuted this prejudice: According to the polling firm Opinion Control go people in relationships significantly more likely than people without current foreign partners. The survey was respectively 300 singles and 300 persons who are in a committed relationship or married, asked the question:’ Go currently stranger?’. The startling result: While 17.4 percent ( 52 ) of respondents awarded candidly admitted to cheating on their partners, the proportion was 0.67 percent the Singles ( 2 ) significantly lower.

And even with the two singles who reported they were unfaithful, speculates survey conductor Heinz Geiwasser that this is not quite true.’ One person seemed to have not quite understood the question, the other participants was only 17 years old and obviously wanted to boast of his virility.’

Given the inconclusive results of the survey suggest, therefore, in the Dating Singles preferred to data. Who, however, notes after the start of a relationship that his partner is no longer a single, loud Geiwasser has every reason to be suspicious.

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