Strike the strike conciliator destroyed hope of agreement in the rail strike

Strike the strike conciliator destroyed hope of agreement in the rail strike

Berlin – This is bitter! Ironically, now that an agreement seemed close in the labor dispute between railway and GDL to touch, today the union, the strike conciliator has announced a complete walkout. A final settlement of the conflict through the intermediary of Matthias Platzeck and Bodo Ramelow is not possible for the foreseeable future. for at least one week, the union, the strike – Schlichter (GDS ) has its members, which include Platzeck ( SPD ) and Ramelow ( Left ) gehorenen, called for industrial action. Thus to be on strike in strike affairs throughout Germany any mediation and conciliation from Thursday 18.00 clock.

on strike: Platzeck and Ramelow core demand of the union is a comprehensive remuneration of standby times for strike conciliator who often have to wait years for a mission.

The strike notice GDS meets with unions and politicians as to sharp criticism.’ This strike comes at the wrong time and is difficult to understand for outsiders’, Sigmar Gabriel ( SPD ) said on Wednesday in Berlin. The Bundestag member Michael Fuchs ( CDU ) called the strike even as’ intolerable power play a single union’. It was regrettable that the GDS and the competing German mediator union ( DSG ) could not agree on rules for a common approach.

The main concern of rail, GDL and politicians is at present, however, that the strike conciliator both unions some and jointly enter into an indefinite strike. Then, one end of the labor dispute and all future strikes would be completely unpredictable, so Germany is likely to sink over the years in poverty, chaos and anarchy.

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