Boy from Bangladesh teased by peers because he sews no Markenklamotten

Boy from Bangladesh teased by peers because he sews no Markenklamotten

Dhaka (archive ) – Rifat Muntasir ( 11 ) it has not been easy. The young textile workers is bullied by his peers because unlike them he sews no designer clothes. Instead, manufactures Rifat daily at eleven to thirteen hours clothes for different no-name label and discounter. ‘ I can not help it that I have no great clothes for Hugo Boss , Adidas , Ralph Lauren or < i > Nike near, but only for KiK or Primark ‘, so the 11 -year-old.’ My mother always says, although that brand clothes also are no better and are manufactured under the same conditions in the sweatshop next to ours, but that is the children who are working there, regardless.’

Rifat is glad that neither he nor the children who tease him go to school.’ Thus, the bullying limited at least only to the brief period between our 12 – hour shifts and the moment in which we fall exhausted and hungry to bed,’ said the 11 -year-old.

Bengal education experts recommend parents that their junior can not provide employment in a sweatshop for designer clothes, to strengthen the self-confidence of their children in other ways. A friendly pat or a pep talk after the evening shift were at least as much value.

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