Man invents double Selfie – rod in order to be filmed during Selfie – photographing can

Man invents double Selfie - rod in order to be filmed during Selfie - photographing can

Berlin – with a very special photo – aids made ​​the weekend a tourist in Berlin’s city center a stir: The man from the US Wisconsin filmed thereby using a double – Selfie – rod, as he recorded Selfie photos. On Twitter and Facebook is much debated over the novelty, several companies are already interested in the invention. The passionate leisure travelers John Barkusky moved to the Brandenburg Gate and the TV Tower called with his Double – Selfie stick device everyone’s attention.

The 34 – year-old has secured thereto in a conventional Selfie – bar next to his cameraphone another rod at a 90 – degree angle on the turn, a second smartphone is mounted. This is automatically activated via a specially programmed app, and Barkusky the handle of the rod pushes the photo – catalyst for the first phone.

‘ So far you wanted me at home often do not believe that I took all the pictures himself,’ explains Barkusky who photographed themselves anywhere in the world before landmarks, monuments and with celebrities.’ Now I can prove that I was not just somebody else have my phone into my hands.’

However, the globetrotter is not yet completely satisfied with his invention: In order to prove the last doubters that he is filming Also when Selfie photographing himself, he is working on a Selfie drone. The soon to float above the double – Selfie stick and via livestream always documented how Barkusky filming at Selfie photographing themselves.

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