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Brussels, Schleppo – The EU can their threats into action: After weeks of deliberations on a common line, the European Union has the rogue Schleppanien declared war on Monday. First military operations against the schleppanische Marine and their bases on land are only a matter of days. Until recently, the European Commission had tried to summon the schleppanischen Ambassador in Brussels in order to avert a war broke out in vain.’ The EU does not wait any longer. Immediately the citizens of Europe and the citizens Schleppaniens at war are’, the EU Au├čenbauftragte Federica Mogherini said in Brussels.

For example, the EU Schleppanien presents. Previously tractor had entered into European waters again and would there defenseless refugees drown tricky way. The EU believed that Schleppanien owned by mass shipping agents is.

‘ We will destroy their existing from hundreds of rubber boats and fishing boats Armada and capture their captains, admirals and grand viziers’ so Mogherini. The war will be over only when the God Emperor of Schleppanien personally sign the unconditional surrender.

Following the example of the war against the traffickers, the EU will in future also solve other problems militarily. For instance, in Brussels already Bombenteppich against youth unemployment, a nuclear strike against the indebted Greece and summary executions against people who doubt the usefulness of military operations, in planning.

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