Bahn wants passengers who can control train by chance, reimburse travel expenses

Bahn wants passengers who can control train by chance, reimburse travel expenses

Berlin – When the time is not a great deal: The German Railways has announced to report on Wednesday all passengers that can happen to control a train full fare. And that’s not all: route and departure time, participants should be allowed to pick and choose. The offer is valid according to train on Wednesday indefinitely and at least until Whit Monday, but then may end at any time suddenly. ‘ Our action is aimed at all customers who have always wanted to sit on one of our exclusive panoramic luxury seats at the front on the train,’ says a spokeswoman for the train. Anyone who wants to perceive the offer, should only have a valid train driver’s license ( minimum class 3 ) or have at least once before a toy train over a longer period have served ( at least 12 laps driving experience ).

The procedure is very simple: passengers who happen to be able to control a train and want to take the offer can either report by calling train or give notice in the service center of the nearest railway station, when and where do you want to travel. The train is a train as soon as possible ready to take him on in the schedule, filled him with regular passengers and led to offer users on his special seat.

prospective ( from 16 years ), which may happen to control a train, please sign in to the service number of Deutsche Bahn: 0180 6 99 66 33 ( 20ct / Fixed Network, Mobile max 60ct / call.). The maximum number of available tickets corresponds to the number of available features. Employees of Deutsche Bahn and their relatives are expressly eligible.

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