Ampelmannchen strike from Wednesday in Germany

Ampelmannchen strike from Wednesday in Germany

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich (archive ) – Germany’s commuters must be set up on delays, because the union of Ampelmannchen today given the green light for nationwide strikes. The traffic controllers want to information of the Postillon all crossings, cycling and pedestrian crossings on strike – and for an indefinite period. The highly specialized professionals want, among other humane working hours, weekend surcharges and a better work-life balance prevail in the municipalities.

Article text exclusively at Green read so far without success.’ We have in the wage dispute unfortunately unable to reach agreement,’ said the spokesman for the Ampelmannchen union, Ulrich citizens.’ Apparently it’s from employers so willed that many colleagues are close to burnout. In fact, we are from morning to evening in continuous use. Incidentally, also on Saturdays and Sundays ! Many of us seem to be living only for their jobs.’

that the requirements Ampelmannchen union were far from covered, show by the fact that the last salary increase at times of red-green took place.

Traffic lights affected thus remain for the duration of the strike black. The authorities have warned to go at this time on foot. Even over short distances it is advisable to make use of the car or public transport provided they are accessible, without any road to be crossed.

is the moment for the strikers Ampelmannchen no compromise in sight.’ We are making an important contribution to society, to get thanks but most dirty looks back’, so an applied Ulrich citizen who gradually assumes a red complexion with rage. He heads tomorrow in Berlin, the largest of several dozen red vigils Ampelmannchen before local traffic authorities. At the same time, the green traffic light man will draw attention with protest marches by Germany paralyzed city centers on their concerns.

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