Factory smoke production is about to go bankrupt

Factory smoke production is about to go bankrupt

Bergkamen – The North Rhine-Westphalian companies Caligo smoke and smoke Werke GmbH must permanently close to a long-standing struggle for existence well. The company with the second highest chimney in Europe, which can produce smoke and fumes in up to 30 different colors, today filed for bankruptcy. More than 700 smoke designers, technicians and smoke stench engineers could already stand on the street in October. The in the sixties large become traditional company writes since the late’90s red. According to the line reason for the miserable financial situation is now only very low demand for Gestank- and smoke production

loses his job. Suspended solids developers’ Umweltverpester and stinky Barone we are called today’ complains longtime CRQ – Schwebstoffentwickler Marius Probst.

Last year Probst, who was primarily responsible for the bright smoke since the eighties, only about half as many orders as in 2013, had to go again and again in short-time working had. The new environmental awareness of the people and the financial crisis are in his opinion, the main reasons for the From his employer.

‘ Sooner since people were grateful that we have brought jobs and prosperity in the region’, ponders Probst.’ Our smoke was getting a bit stronger and sooty than the competition and was even estimated in the neighboring countries.’

How to proceed with him and his colleagues, when the chimneys of the factory will be shut down, Probst can not say. Some of the younger had been offers from China exist where good smoke will still appreciated. He himself wanted to pass the time until his retirement at odd jobs as a machinist fog in various regional clubs, so the 59 -year-old.

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