Approved Kinderschokolade now also for adults

Approved Kinderschokolade now also for adults

Bonn – Good news for sweet tooth 18: The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has officially released after several months of testing series eating chocolate children and adults. This also applies to the brands’ Kinder Surprise’ and’ Kinder Country’. From the consumption of’ Kinder Bueno’ and’ children Pingui’ adults is pending further tests still recommended. According to the Ministry is the first test at all, in which the effects of Kinder chocolate apparently produced specifically for children were examined for adults.’ Also, we were at the beginning still skeptical about whether this is worth at all’, admits Federal Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt ( CSU ), who initiated the test series.

Currently Ferrero thinks for the determination of the extended target group of a change of the product name to.’ After all, the manufacturer will have thought something takes its name.’

Just by chance and after consultation with a survivor is you have decided to carry out the series of tests, according to Schmidt about a thousand men and women have participated under medical supervision at the. Negative consequences largely failed or similar to those of conventional chocolate without age indication ( rise in satisfaction, slight weight gain, followed by self-hatred ).

Adult Customers had to sit and watch their offspring in the consumption of Kinder Chocolate been envious, therefore can now safely access. The previously normal children ID required when purchasing the chocolate should in future be eliminated.

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