Construction cranes in the Elbphilharmonie be declared a national monument

Construction cranes in the Elbphilharmonie be declared a national monument

Hamburg (archive ) – According to the Hamburg Monument Council of Elbphilharmonie construction cranes are still found in this year listed. The 100 meter high Construction are now so integrated into the cityscape of the Hanseatic city, that degradation is no longer out of the question. A seven-member expert panel of historians and architects was made ​​in the late 20th century, the cranes for’ historical interest’ and called them’ Monument human inability’.

work should no longer be carried out with the listed building cranes immediately. Too big is the danger that the huge steel structures would be damaged thereby. According to construction management agency does’ not too big change’ is.

work on the roof of Elbhilharmonie must continue to be done manually, the idea of preservation arose when the construction management was temporarily remove the two cranes to create the impression that the work go ahead. A petition with thousands of signatures and the pressure of several citizens’ groups in the Senate could prevent the degradation and on the Commission.

Most Hamburger expressed satisfaction with the decision of the Monument Council. Because the cranes are not only an indispensable part of the city silhouette, but are now seen as a real tourist attraction. Especially the yellow – as a local – have compared the two red cranes rarity.

The cranes are to be occasionally turned to an overhaul of the current state in the future, painted and restored, if necessary with the help of smaller construction cranes. For Erstsanierung which is scheduled for completion in autumn 2015, the city estimates approximately 113 million euros. Those responsible gave his confidence that the appointment complied with and the planned cost limit is not exceeded.

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