Police begins with a survey of all 25 million enemies of Heidi Klum

Police begins with a survey of all 25 million enemies of Heidi Klum

Mannheim – they have the culprit soon? After the finale of the show’ Germany’s Next Top Model’ had to be canceled due to a bomb threat, is wanted by an anonymous caller. The police has started with the survey of the first of some 25 million known enemies of Heidi Klum. ‘ The requested person is female, Heidi Klum hates with every fiber of her body and has access to a telephone set. This reduces the Offender to around 25 million individuals whose alibi, we now need to consider,’said a spokesman for the Mannheim police. To this end, they had parked five officers, the suspects now in succession on Bureau order and interrogate there extensively.

She looks so adorable… On the number of the 25 million people who come for the act in question, it had come to the first investigation:’ It is our routine to check for such an act, whether the target of the threat has any enemies, ” the spokesman said,’ There would be about 200 personally before an audience of millions ousted by Heidi Klum candidates, but also the other 150,000 women who were found to be in the past ten years already in the preselection for too ugly.’

according to the police Even otherwise Hege at least every second woman in Germany the odd grudge against Heidi Klum whether as a result of jealousy, hurt feelings, contempt of propagated by her image of women or just because of their quakigen voice.

Silvia D. ( 18 ) from Ludwigshafen is one of the women who have so far been questioned after she had called for a mass casting in Cologne on Facebook as’ stupid bitch’ Heidi Klum. She sees herself suspected wrongly.’ Just because I – by the way, just like all my girlfriends too – have said that I would kill Heidi prefer, that makes me far to Bombenlegerin’, so the Abiturientin outraged.’ But a pity that there probably was not a real bomb.’

Recording all Heidi Klum hostile people is still not complete. Therefore, the police are looking for your help: -being but have the show followed in your circle of women or girls who have spoken in the past negatively about Heidi Klum, still regularly as possessed on TV? If yes:. Subscribe to us immediately at the nearest police station

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