Cruel little milk Vampires Suck unsuspecting women

Cruel little milk Vampires Suck unsuspecting women

Munster (archive ) – The para Zoological Faculty, University of Munster has made a shocking study called lacto- vampirism stir. Thus, thousands of women are in Germany alone among the unholy influence of small milk vampires that are as unpredictable as milchrunstig.

Bedridden for vampire infestation: Woman’ This sinister beings are much smaller than people generally and feed almost exclusively on human milk, which they suck from the breasts of unsuspecting women’, the Para zoologist explained Prof. Dr. Helling during the presentation of his study.’ You do not have their own language and come from their toothless mouths bloodcurdling cries.’

Normally, it is apparent from the study, to milk vampires choose a certain woman of the then tired eyes on for months or even years. Particularly insidious: the victims of common milk suckers seem to be under some kind of unholy spell, which is why they willingly leave everything go through.

In the water victims are at risk’ which unfortunately all too often nocturnal milk Vampires seem to be fully aware of their power’, led Helling, whose own wife was sucked out through two years of such Zwergnosferatu from.’ Even during the day they suck uncontrollably everywhere and at any time of day the white sap from their victims.’

What unfortunately is not clear from the study is how to defend themselves against milk vampires to defend. Helling:’ We did not know how to multiply the little beasts. Only when we have cracked this mystery, we can develop an antidote to prevent such cases in future.’

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