After more than 60 years: Japan lifts ban on entry to Godzilla

After more than 60 years: Japan lifts ban on entry to Godzilla

Tokyo – Time heals all wounds: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo today lifted a 60-year ban on entry to the city monster Godzilla with immediate effect. The sanctions were imposed in the seventies because of’ hooliganism and destructive behavior in several major cities’. Is convinced that Godzilla has learned from his mistakes: Shinzo Abe, the conflict can be traced to the early postwar trace: In the early’50s to the government after severe devastation on the island of Odo on a travel ban against Godzilla have been thinking. Only after the reptile refused all efforts to Resozialierung and 1954 put the Japanese capital Tokyo in ruins, attacked by the government. Under these regulations, relatives of the monster in the last 60 years were allowed to enter only under strict conditions to Japan.

Now the decades of tensions between the island nation and the monsters seem to take a surprising end. The decision of the Japanese government were preceded in recent years several requests Godzillas on rehabilitation.

‘ We have talked to him’, reported Prime Minister Abe in a press conference in Tokyo.’ He regretted his youthful sins and makes a peaceful and stable impression.’

Several sources report to Godzilla, who is currently at an undisclosed location in the Pacific, is to crave a lot like Japan. He had become old and want to spend his old age in the country of his youth, it is said. At current rumors that he wanted to settle down with his wife, his two daughters and his 14 grandchildren in the exclusion zone around Fukushima, the Japanese government has not yet taken a position.

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