NSA complained incorrect spelling in German e-mail traffic

NSA complained incorrect spelling in German e-mail traffic

Crypto City, Berlin – bad witness for the people of Goethe and Heine: A study conducted by the US NSA analysis of the German online correspondence fostered considerable deficits in the field of spelling revealed. In addition, more than 90 percent of the calls were inconsequential and uninteresting objectively. Similarly bad it is to e- mail conversations ( 97 percent) and text messages ( 99 percent ). Write often as no one would read along: German The study text messages, the popular smartphone WhatsApp Messenger and various e- mail services of the National Security Agency were examined. The result: 60 percent of Germans refrain partly over 35 percent even entirely on punctuation and upper and lower case. Only 4 percent of Germans speak German Spelling therefore reasonable extent.

case of voice telephony communications, the Germans would also often use local dialects or mumble incomprehensible. This whole areas in Saxony and Bavaria Be totally under surveillance.

For the NSA, this circumstance means additional costs in the millions since the deciphering of texts with incorrect spelling or syntax makes automated analysis impossible and specially trained professionals requires.

Especially embarrassing: In a European comparison, the Federal Republic of significantly worse than about the neighboring countries France, Denmark and even Austria.

To counteract this problem, wants the US Secret Service to offer in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education later this year nationwide free language courses.

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