Labor Department leads a pension twelve years before the death

Labor Department leads a pension twelve years before the death

Berlin (archive ) – pension with 65, retirement at 67, retirement at 70… In order to end the perpetual quarrels to retire once and for all has, Andrea Nahles ( SPD ) today dared a new drive and the so-called’ pension twelve years’ presented before death. The approach envisages that workers have in the future regardless of the own age claim exactly twelve years before her death on the full pension..

Because only in this way the various biographies of workers could be considered

Does the pension issue finally solved: Nahles At a press conference Nahles led their plans from accurate:’ A savings bank official who dies only with 97, would continue to work to 85, while about a mason who comes with 44 in a motorcycle accident, could already go with 32 to retire at full power. Only in this way can be made full pension justice.’

Unions and employers’ associations reacted disappointedly to the draft from the Ministry of Labour. The former demand that the pension should be paid only 14 years before his death, while Zother want to enforce the pension only ten years before his death due to demographic change.

Nahles even joined after the press conference immediately back from her post. Due to an incurable cancer where she would die in the age of twelve, she would now only once to enjoy the well-deserved retirement with your loved ones.

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