FDP exchanged entire top staff for attractive women

FDP exchanged entire top staff for attractive women

Berlin – Twice it has already proven itself, now the concept is to be implemented nationwide: After the electoral successes of Katja Suding ( Hamburg 2014) and Lencke Steiner ( Bremen 2015) has announced the FDP to exchange all their top staff for attractive women. In addition to only election posters with as meaningless and at the same time provocative slogans ( about’ black pudding instead of the future. What does that actually? Free Democrats’ ) may be used. ‘ After the election victory of Katja Suding we thought even that might have been a coincidence. That is why we have already completely unnecessary election in Bremen used to confirm the initial suspicion’ explains FDP campaign strategist Markus von Breitenstein. Internal call to the new strategy as’ liberalism with a human face’.

Geleaktes Wahlplakat Hesse in 2016 are currently under way on the whole so-called free – Bundesgebiert Democrats auditions. We are looking for’ attractive candidates between 20 and 40 years with a positive quality, at least moderate maturity and the ability to read speeches reasonably fluent, basic political attitude: No matter.’

too much time does not remain the liberals, because even before the upcoming parliamentary elections in March 2016, the FDP leadership candidate must in Hessen ( Stefan Ruppert ), Baden-Wurttemberg ( Michael Theurer ) and Saxony-Anhalt ( Frank Sitta ) are replaced.

Even the party leader Christian Lindner will retire on the FDP party congress at the weekend in favor of occurring in the party until Monday Ex – Models Tanja Finke ( 31 ). Lindner is the future – the attractive women’ in a non-binding advisory panel to stand by’

– together with the other exchanged FDP men.

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