Study: chickens free range give significantly more milk

Study: chickens free range give significantly more milk

Rommerskirchen – Nature makes all the difference: Scientists at the Bruno – Duringen Institute have found in a large comparative study that free range chickens provide significantly more milk than their counterparts in straight into the floor or caging (‘ small group housing’ ). Accordingly gives an average chicken free-range daily approximately 250 milliliters of milk, a chicken deep litter about 200 milliliters. A hen from the cage comes to a maximum contrast 160th

Deliciously: a quarter liter finest chicken milk The reason for the improved milk yield in free-range birds, the natural dietary supplements by worms and insects, as well as greater freedom of movement ( about 4 square meters per animal ), so Ingrid Walther, head of the test group. The science speaks in such cases of happy hens.

Unlike conventional milk chicken milk is considered more as a luxury product, because it must be won by hard work, by hand. Milking machines for industrial use are not yet developed. But argue for a wider use many advantages: For example, the milk of chickens is not only inherently low in fat ( 1.1% fat content ), but also rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals. therefore

Researchers fiddle in cooperation with chicken dairy farmers currently on the reduction of production costs, which tests to run until the end of August. Your employees – so Walther – want to cope necessarily before the chickens fly south in the fall


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