Chump Construction laments heavy losses by Kita – strike

Chump Construction laments heavy losses by Kita - strike

Dusseldorf, Nuremberg – The Kita – strike currently plunges many parents in Germany in the care of emergency. Far worse, however, it meets the industry: In particular, thousands of projects are in Holzklotzbau because of the work stoppage on the brink of. The supply industry and other industries are affected. It threatens losses in the billions. For Heiner Buschinski of the chump construction company’ Babaghudu’ comes the strike at the wrong time:’ I’ve got a huge order be over 50,000 warped, colorful Bauklotzturme that need to be delivered by Wednesday after China. I’ll never make.’

Highest concentration: Selin Unal ( 2 ) at work ( Archive ) Now you have the renowned contractors feared that its major customer switches to a French or Swedish company. There, the daycare staff is much better trained and paid.

With Buschinski tens of thousands of skilled workers resent under three years who do not have access to their workplaces more due to the strike.’ Kita to. Annenheim bah’ explains about wood construction engineer Selin Unal ( 2 ), during her one-year colleague Noah sound Bacher ( Klotz truck, 1st year ) is explicit:’ Brrrrm, brrrrrm Audo !’

The impact of the strike but are clearly felt in other areas. So threatens thousands of Kita dolls without speedy care the utter neglect. In addition, there is already now the largest sand Cake shortages for more than twelve years, while galleries are forced to abstract art to outsource their jobs to much more expensive chimpanzees.

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