Sprit all: aircraft remains three hours cruising altitude are

Sprit all: aircraft remains three hours cruising altitude are

Frankfurt, Toronto (archive ) – very late today landed Flight 146 of the German airline Lufthansa on the destination airport Toronto. Previously, the airliner was ( Airbus 321 ) is assumed around 300 kilometers off the Canadian city at an altitude of 12,000 meters of fuel. For hours the aircraft was with hazard warning lights in the air before it could finally be towed.

took the opportunity for a picnic on the wing: Passengers’ Suddenly there was a jolt and we were getting slower’, described the event a passenger over the Postillon .’ At some point we were simply there and only were able to wait.’ Some passengers have made the most of their situation and organized on the wings a picnic.

‘ I had Mark [ Note. d. Red.: Co – pilot Mark Sessner ] asked in Frankfurt, whether we should stock up,’said Captain Detlef Ronsen.’ But he said, to Toronto extends the loose. Not at all!’

Only three hours later flew a Cessna 206 Stationair past 2 and was able to free flight 146 from his predicament.

knight in shining armor: Cessna with tow rope’ Although I had brought no replacement canister, but a long tow rope’, proudly reported the pilot of the single-engine light aircraft Ben Harper.’ So I have unceremoniously towed to Airbus.’

First, the coupled approach because of the high weight of the Lufthansa plane was quite difficult designed, but as soon as the Airbus was once going, it was gone as if by magic -. especially since it largely went downhill towards Toronto

The Lufthansa meanwhile apologized to the passengers of flight 146 for the inconvenience, but pointed out that other airlines underwent similar mistakes. So had to stop recently on a Belgium Air France plane to change a tire.

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