In Review: Real Life – the most realistic game ever

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Leipzig (archive ) – The Games of today are more realistic ! The latest hit is Real Life, a massively multiplayer role-playing game Reality ( MMRRPG ) from the house of the universe. This game is about, similar to Second Life, a person ( yourself ) to control and socialize. But even tasks, similar to quests in World of Warcraft must be solved in order to ascend in rank.

The Postillon , taken the extremely realistic game that you want to appear in Germany as a real life together with < i > Computers Postillon * in detail under the microscope and explains why it is at computer and video game fanatics will probably fail in spite of numerous features:

1. Installation: The installation is very easy. Man must shut down only the computer and you can start immediately. System Requirements: No . 2 Graphics and sound effects: Visual and audible Real Life is a milestone. The rich, completely judder 3D graphics without 3D glasses and the incredibly clear stereo sound are a real treat. There are also full of smell and taste, as well as support a sense of touch. Beta tester Michael gland:’ Everything looks so real. As if you were really in this world.’

Screenshot of Real Life: Self- fly, small annoying opponents are, by, designed to the last detail, individual pixels can not recognize 3 control. The control is carried out intuitively. However, not via controller, keyboard or joystick, but with the whole body. If you want to go, so it sets one foot before the other and shifted his weight forward gently. However, many complained beta testers – including long-time WoW professionals – that her character moves extremely clumsy and awkward. Real-life character in so-called Go 4 game world: It is alleged that this shortcoming

Screenshot can fix but with a lot of practice.. Real Life is almost limitless. The game world is many times greater than about Warhammer Online, although it is possible only in exceptional cases, to leave the planet. Virtually everything is freely accessible ( exceptions: military zone, precious discotheques, thin ice in winter ), the character can interact with all the objects and people. There are different races, classes and religions, but you can not the former, choose the other two only partly self. They are assigned to the game by a random

Screenshot:. The game world’ Earth’ 5. Action:. Action scenes are rapidly and violently into real life. The risk – you die pretty fast, has only one life and no Continue – is, however, so great that you should avoid action scenes prefer. To make matters worse, you can not save and therefore must bear all the consequences of their own actions

Screenshot:.. Fies – With only one life even a moderate opponents like this skinhead’s hard to defeat 6. sex scenes: In Real life, you can have incredibly good sex – mind you can. All beta testers complained that it compared to Second Life was already incredibly difficult to get ugly copies of the preferred sex to bed. Criticism youth protection: Even young people can play sex scenes, if parents are not careful

Screenshot:. Without It’s apparently not: In sex scenes often come’ joystick’ and’ mouse’ to use

7.. Quests: There are endless quests that you have to overcome to reach the: school, university / teaching, work, social obligations etc. Most of them are quite dead boring. What’s really fun, costs a lot of time and money (see 9th of expense ). Mistakes are severely punished and individual levels may not be repeated

Screenshot:. Here real-life characters dig a hole, but receive far too little experience or Gold

8.. Realism: Real life is extremely realistic. However, many complain beta testers that one could confidently on the toilet several times, real pain or genital fungal can do without. That, in turn, are not provided magic and spells, is considered a lack of imagination on the part of developers

9. Cost:. As is often the game for free. But be careful ! All add-ons like food, home, car, family or drugs cost a fortune and rob in the long run a lot of fun (see Conclusion 10 ). Only Cheater (eg children of rich parents, con artists, unscrupulous people ) get their costs

Screenshot: Of this one has never enough – game currency from Real Life 10. Conclusion:.. Leaves All in all the to wish gameplay very left. Although you need an average of more than 78 years ( Africans make it much faster ) to play through Real Life, but the crisp difficulty, the exaggerated realism and high price are good reasons why fans of World of Warcraft, The Lord of the Rings Online and other will be role-playing Real Life probably be left. Postillon -Spielbewertung: 5.0 ( poorly )

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