Because rail strike: Hoffenheim fans drive in the Smart Home team

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Sinsheim – Because the rail strike still protrudes to the Bundesliga weekend, fans of 1899 Hoffenheim to reschedule: Rather than the usual way to travel by train to the game, the entire following of TSG now travels with a Smart to the away game to Frankfurt, where the two their want to support team with the usual passion. ‘ It is of course a change, but we do for our club everything’, says Marcus Ewert, Chairman of fan clubs’ Two Man Revolution’ and leader of the controversial movement of fans’ Ultras For Life since 2013′. The usual arrival of TSG – blocks of fans in a special double seat of Deutsche Bahn he finds convenient.’ Now half of us must stop unfortunately do not drink alcohol, which suggests naturally to the atmosphere.’ That’s why you have this time only took half a six pack of beer.

The new journey way of Hoffenheim fans has now been confirmed by the Frankfurt police. We will not as previously planned receive the Kraichgauer am Hauptbahnhof with a Einschaft policemen. Instead, you have a reliable officer parked in front of the stadium to shield the incoming Hoffenheimer there and to lead in their fan block.

The TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is not the only club whose Away fans have to change because of the rail strike. Among other things, the following of Bayer 04 Leverkusen has announced alternatively travel by tandem to Monchengladbach. To ensure that all the seats are filled, according Fanhomepage is still’ a / e passengers / in ( rear)’ sought.

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