That’s the limit ! Germany’s drivers announce 48 – hour warning strike

That's the limit ! Germany's drivers announce 48 - hour warning strike

Berlin (archive ) – for travelers and commuters there is currently knuppeldick. After the train drivers now also announced the union of car drivers (GdP ) to nationwide strikes. From Thursday 16 clock until Saturday 16h clock is to drive across the country not a single automobile, according to a statement from the most numerous with over 30 million members Union of Germany. Scabs that are still on the move in this period must expect severe sanctions. The list of demands of GdP ranges from shorter driving times on lower fuel prices to less crowded streets

dropped Are from item 16 clock:. ignition commuters who are dependent on the car, bring the strike to an unpleasant situation.’ This is now really stupid’, complains about Uwe Klassnitzer ( 42 ).’ There is no reasonable connection with public transportation to my workplace 30 kilometers away. That’s why I have to go by car. But how do I get from there back home, when I on strike from 16 clock?’ What he is concerned thousands of motorists who are fighting for better driving conditions.

spontaneously tourists meets the strike hard.’ What a bummer ! What these allow motorists really?’, Complains Anna Winkler ( 33 ).’ Actually, I wanted the chance that during motorist strikes finally the streets are free to use for a little jaunt to Italy. But just now my car is useless because of the strike in the garage !’

The Department of Transportation advises commuters and travelers to resort to alternative means of transportation such as motorcycles, helicopters or rickshaws during motorist strikes.

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