No more 6-99 !: Over 100 – year-old protest game ban

No more 6-99 !: Over 100 - year-old protest game ban

Ravensburg – In Ravensburg have afternoon more than 100 -year-old women and men demonstrated yesterday in broad daylight against a match ban. You feel claims to discrimination by the manufacturers of many board games, since the permissible age at numerous games packaging’ to 99′ is given.

‘ phase 10 Junior’ is one of many for over – 100 -year-old forbidden Games. One of the malcontents is Hedwig Schreier. They decided to go despite severe osteoarthritis in the street after her 15 -year-old great-granddaughter, the popular board game ” ludo not’ wanted to play.’ Suddenly I was reading on the package that I can no longer play this game because I’m over 99′, so outraged the 103 -year-old. Recently they’ve played the game over 20 years ago with her granddaughter.’ In those days there were no problems. I could not have imagined that I would be sometime too old for this game.’

Likewise the pensioners Ulrich Habermann. At his 100th birthday last year, he got the game’ Maleficent’ paid. But while the family sat down together and read through the manual, his son noticed that Haberman was with its 100 years one year later than the maximum permitted age.’ I then watched from across the room as the family my game enjoyed’ said the former shipbuilder sad.

To prevent this kind humiliation and exclusion in the future, the elderly procured on the Ravensburger web market with silent cries and rhythmic Gehstock- blows to their rollators hearing.’ We also have elderly finally a right to enjoy’ explained one of the demonstrators ( 101 ). However,

Less understanding had the local police. After just ten minutes, the officers broke the protest march through the city center finally with water cannons and tear gas on and took the nine protesters briefly detained.

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