I was afraid that he score – Guardiola explains Muller – Substitution

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Munich – Many fans rubbing their wounded eyes as Pep Guardiola auswechselte in the 79th minute of the Champions League semi-finals in Barcelona Thomas Muller. Now the Bayern coach explained his controversial decision: he had worried that Muller could score a goal, if he does not timely take him out of the game. ‘ Thomas Muller has so far made ​​a super game, but after the 1: 0 he was really pissed and defiant. I was afraid that he scores a goal,’said Guardiola in an interview with Sports Postillon . A trainer must act in such a situation.’ What is the score at 1: 0 will under no circumstances, is another goal.’

Guardiola had then searched on the bench for a player of the moment ran no risk in this respect.’ Do you warm, Mario ! “He reportedly said. The rest is the Champions League history.

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