After numerous scandals: NSA sold subsidiaries BND

After numerous scandals: NSA sold subsidiaries BND

Berlin, Crypto City – The leadership of the American National Security Agency (NSA ) has announced repel their Germany-based subsidiary organization BND. According to inside information, the NSA – peak consider its German subsidiary because of the recent scandals in the meantime as a burden. Officially speaking NSA chief Michael S. Rogers of an outstanding offer. ‘ For the BND we are looking for a financially strong investor’, Rogers said at a hastily called news conference. The Federal Intelligence Service if it were an easy -to-use spy organization of medium size with a long tradition and high moral flexibility.’ Reluctantly we part of this gem, which was for decades an integral part of our portfolio,’ said Rogers.

Will as soon as possible from the BND disconnect: NSA and ( as yet) BND Rogers from BND circles close contrast Reportedly, the NSA no longer see its German subsidiary to be profitable. In addition to the recent scandals that damage the reputation of the Americans, the operation of the BND especially by the numerous committees of inquiry was no longer possible smoothly.

known to the general public of the BND was, among other things through the Eichmann affair, the eavesdropping scandal from Stammheim, the plutonium affair, the Rubezahl affair, the affair involving surveys in US prison camps that journalists affair that Iraq affair, the Libyan affair, the Kosovo affair that Kremer affair that Jorg Haider affair and the mole affair.

Now the secret is for a minimum of 13.2 billion US dollars (about 11, EUR 7 billion ) to change hands.

in the purchase price are to NSA to the former headquarters in the Bavarian Pullach, the brand new headquarters in Berlin ( construction price: 912.4 million euros, less water damage ) and other locations in Berlin – Lichterfelde, Bad Aibling, Gablingen, Stockdorf, Socking, Rheinhausen, Schoningen and other secret locations. In addition to the BND have excellent access to the most important German Internet exchange points.

The total 6500 employees of the BND must not fear to land on the road well. Because with the British secret service GCHQ, the Israeli Mossad, the Russian secret service FSB and which is also based in the US CIA should have already reported first prospective.

However, the federal government is not averse to a purchase. A secret service under German control you’ve always wanted, it’s from Berlin.

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