Astro TV says himself poor rates ahead and provides a precaution broadcasting

Astro TV says himself poor rates ahead and provides a precaution broadcasting

Berlin – Astro TV is on the brink of. The reason: An employee at the television psychic has the company poor rates and a massive decline in sales predicted for 2017. Therefore, the transmitter will stop operating as early as this summer as a precaution, as the industry magazine’ Eso – Media’ announced in the current issue. Does not look good: the future of the transmitter to the report, the renowned astro television teller Alexandra had recently placed on an editorial meeting the accountant of the transmitter cards. They have predicted that in 2017 the number of fee- viewer calls will decrease from 1 million to 400 000, which had a drop in sales of more than 40 percent result. The Board believed that the bleak prospects donating to the sale of past happiness and success crystal pyramid can be traced back through the channels last year.’ Perhaps we should keep a copy for us’, a board member is quoted.

A short scheduled consulting the Chief Financial Officer with the Archangel Metatron have finally confirmed that the station would become insolvent as of December 2017.

To the investments of investors not to endanger and to prevent harm to future creditors ahead, we have therefore decided to close the broadcasting starting May this year. This also legal consequences are to be avoided:’ Since we know by profession always know what will happen, one would interpret anything but criminal Insolvenzverschleppung’, an employee of the station was a quote.

Officially Astro TV has not made any comment on the report. Doubts about the truthfulness of the message indicates Eso media editor Hilbert Hartung however back: Two experienced reporter of the magazine had shuttled independently the facts


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