Lazy Pack ! 75 percent of workers do not work on Labor Day

Lazy Pack ! 75 percent of workers do not work on Labor Day

Berlin – It is the day of work, but just a lot of workers kicking him with feet. According to the Federal Statistics Office, around three quarters of all employees their jobs stay away this year on May 1. Instead of being productive, they prefer to indulge in idleness. ‘ A working class movement that can degenerate into a festival of idleness its highest day’s a shame,’ says Tanja Hypki of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations.’ Why as opposed to the actual use to work the day of work as a 16 -hour double shift?’

Particularly brazen: Most workers leave for the unconventional celebration of their’ work’ even pay full salary,’ One should this day better than” call’ day of laziness, so Hypki. That day the sun even right before a weekend, was just naughty.

Who put a so terrible work ethic to the day, according to the unanimous opinion of the employer, should not be surprised if he is underpaid and exploited the rest of the year.

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