EU leaves over 10 million Greeks legs break, in order to show that it is serious

EU leaves over 10 million Greeks legs break, in order to show that it is serious

Brussels, Athens – The joke is: In order to enforce their demands, the EU has had the legs to break all residents of the heavily indebted state of Greece today. Brussels hopes to move the last ever occurring researchers Hellenes with the drastic measure to comply with the Austeritatsauflagen and to repay their debts. The EU equipped with batons, clubs and crowbars order bats have done a great job: Anywhere in Greece are whimpering women, men and children and trying to drag himself to a doctor. However, large parts of the various austerity programs to scarce medical staff are still busy trying to treat themselves.

Had their government prefer to animate the figures: Greek Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras criticized the EU’s ruthless approach quickly gets in a video message: ” But how are we supposed to still work and earn the money you reclaims us when our legs are broken?’

Meanwhile, the European Union has taken a stand.’ What’s wrong with your legs? Can not you walk properly?’ It said in a letter to the Greek Government.’ If the money was not until Friday plus a small surcharge of 50 percent on our table, then your families have to believe it’, so the demand of the EU.

Already in recent weeks there had been in Greece for puzzling events. So in mid-April found hundreds of thousands of Greek dog owners their pets morning trimmed cruel doorstep. According to rumors, the EU should also have waived only for reasons of cost it, put all the Greeks to severed horse heads to bed.

At press time Alexis Tsipras was seen in a wheelchair with the last remaining money from the cash register on a Greek Athenian Racecourse, where he allegedly wanted to put everything on’ Achilles III’.

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