In the Chicken Coop motorcycle driven: arrested for animal cruelty Grandma

In the Chicken Coop motorcycle driven: arrested for animal cruelty Grandma

Traunstein – you will probably need to look for a new hobby: Police have arrested yesterday in the Bavarian town of Traunstein, a 73 – year-old pensioner for animal cruelty. Previously, the woman had driven regularly in the henhouse their dwelling motorcycle. The decisive tip came from their own grandchild (7 ), which sang of the failings in his grandmother’s boastful manner.

‘ We had a such a case, never,’ said Chief Inspector Dietrich Wedel, who heads the investigation. For months should the sprightly senior who abused the only 50 square meters large stable at around 90 laying hens for breakneck racing rides her motorcycle.

Ready to use: These chickens have survived. It startled animals were to roll over or covered by the spokes of the vehicle in different cases. The other hens are in a dilapidated condition, they lay according to the local veterinary currently no eggs due to stress and have only about a few feathers.

‘ I have often heard such a loud roar from her stall,’ said a neighbor (79). In the neighborhood of the Senior was deemed’ very smart wife’, that might be a little crazy sometimes.’ But she goes in the henhouse Motorcycle… Motorcycle! Motorcycle!’She repeated incredulously.’ I would never have believed it.’

Currently, it is checked whether any charges against the woman is charged, or whether it is equal admitted to a psychiatric hospital. For many other quirks and idiosyncrasies of the eccentric lady would speak. So they should have, for example, several attempts in the fridge to bake cakes, and generally only a shower with mask.

Currently, she is still in detention, where they again caused a stir after only a few hours after she had managed to smuggle in a hollow tooth radio in their cell.

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