Discovered a link between fish and humans

Discovered a link between fish and humans

Lubeck, Hamburg – Sensational fishing in the Baltic Sea! A fishing boat went yesterday near Travemunde an as yet unknown aquatic species into the network in which it could be either the long missing link between fish and humans. Currently, the strange creature by marine biologists is investigated.

‘ We just caught up with our catch, suddenly struggled this thing between the fish’, says Knut Feddersen, the captain of the trawler’Bianca’, the postilion .’ It looked like a man, but it was pitch black skin, a single wide eye with two pupils and flippers on his feet. We have it – although it is violently resisted -. Equal packed in a water tank and then, when we were back on land, to be picked up by the Institute of Hydrobiology in Hamburg’ There is already being issued

Affects almost intelligent. Fischmann when attempting to contact a marine biologist Prof. Dr. Saskia Pavelcik which could examine the fish man first to attain is now certain: This Fund will provide everything we know about the evolution on its head

‘ The essence is clearly the missing link between fish and man.. It is smarter than it looks, and even dominates primitive forms of communication’, as Pavelcik. It would, for example, always when the deep sea aquarium where it is now, people approached, gesturing wildly and emit shrill cries. This show usually associated with his trunk to the bottle-shaped outgrowths on the back and count on your fingers down.

‘ We do not know what this means,’ Pavelcik said regretfully.’ As the fish man but gets slower and slower, it could be that we can dissect him soon.’ That should still so many surprises to encourage days.

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