Funnily error: BND thought foreign intelligence means to educate residents

Funnily error: BND thought foreign intelligence means to educate residents

Berlin, Pullach – This Schenkelklopfer you will still laugh in years. As announced today, the Federal Intelligence Service, the NSA for years supplied with information on European companies and politicians, because intelligence officials have used the term’ foreign intelligence’ misinterpreted. Accordingly, they thought faschlicherweise, it was their job to inform residents about German secrets.

‘ That’s funny, so you can be wrong,’ says an employee from the BND headquarters in Pullach, who wishes to remain anonymous.’ You have to imagine this: We have basically the exact opposite of done what was really expected of us. I am laughing limp !’

must now completely reorient and future spy abroad: BND Although we have been surprised again and again in Pullach and Berlin why the Federal Republic maintains separate one from taxpayers ( about 615 million EUR / year) funded service with more than 6500 employees to educate other countries about the events in Germany and Europe.’ But as a command receiver do you just simply do its thing.’ After all, may be explained at length why the colleagues always seemed surprised by the NSA so happy when they got transferred from the BND the latest data.

Also BND President Gerhard Schindler has now taken a stand on the comic confusion.’ I was at breakfast the milk out of your nose when I first heard about the story, “he says with tears.’ I always thought so, we would have a government-owned service agency for friendly countries. Foreign intelligence man, man, man.’

The blame for the mistake funny looks, the BND, not only in their own semantic failure, but also in the government. Which we really do not sometimes’ Why look at the finger? A little parliamentary scrutiny and already had mishaps like these’ practically excluded, shingle, shaking his head.’ But now I have to go home. I ended up walking home in the service.’

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