EU advises refugees to establish bank if they want to be saved

EU advises refugees to establish bank if they want to be saved

Brussels – Following the tragic events of the past week Europe struggles for a new solution to the refugee problem. Now the EU will present a first concrete plan. Accordingly, all refugees should immediately benefit from comprehensive rescue operations in the billions, as soon as they start their own bank in Europe.

Had been the wrong strategy: Refugees In a policy paper, the EU advises the desperate refugees from various crisis regions of the world:’ Instead of giving all their money unscrupulous smugglers for a risky Mediterranean crossing, the refugees should pool their financial resources and establish a bank with a focus on risk investments and real estate speculation.’

Although the cost of a luxury subsequent rescue were probably about one thousand times higher than that of the current distress measures, but allocated to the individual taxpayer did not fall the more into too much weight.

According to the EU Commission chief Jean -Claude Juncker, the first billion-dollar bailouts could thus be introduced later this year.’ Whether rescue or rescue boat, the EU is willing to help in any way, as long as benefit from a systemically important bank and its shareholders.’ banks automatically apply

As systemically important to the EU from the date of its foundation. For the refugees would not even muster a too large starting capital. The contrary, as already indicated in the financial crisis in 2007, the EU

jumps more piece to the rescue with a credit institution is in trouble sooner.

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