40 kilos really fine stuff: Police ensures excellent marijuana

40 kilos really fine stuff: Police ensures excellent marijuana

Augsburg (archive ) – Thick -catcher! The Augsburg police succeeded at the weekend during a routine check to ensure more than 40 kilograms of marijuana. The confiscated drug is according to the police report’ to properly fine stuff’ of’ top quality’, with which one could’ wegballern tidy’

must constantly giggling. Wosniak’This is first-class goods, so-called Shining Silver Haze. Something like this is unfortunately rare in Augsburg,’said police spokesman Mark Wosniak who has just come back from an extended smoke break.

‘ Shortly after the consumer makes you feel relaxed way intoxicated and can be of the simplest things, such as a * hehe * housefly on the shoulder of a colleague who fascinate.’

Do you even more, whether you just’ chill properly’.

A visibly fatigued Wosniak concluded by stressing that the first reports that it was more than 40 kilograms of seized goods, are greatly exaggerated. You have only about half as much found.

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