Out of shame: G36 designer tried for days to shoot himself with G36

Out of shame: G36 designer tried for days to shoot himself with G36

Oberndorf am Neckar – It’s jinxed. For several days trying weapons designer Markus F. desperately to take his own life because he can not bear the criticism of the he designed assault rifle Heckler & Koch G36. F., who has holed up with a G36 at his home, asserts further that the gun everything was in order and looks to wrong a witch hunt by the media exposed.

The first signs that Markus F. wants to end his life, it was on Saturday when he e-mail a farewell letter to his employer Heckler Also from the accidental death of his dog and the destruction of the urn of his grandmother he will not be deterred, the renowned weapons expert.

The authorities maintain F. for determination. Thereupon indicated that he nominated himself to have been even yesterday by the news for his pioneering work in the weapons design for the Nobel Peace Prize, was not deterred from his purpose.

A storming his property holds the police to be unnecessary. So far there is no evidence to suggest that in the house located a dangerous weapon, the officials.

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