EU continues to search for the perfect number of drownings in order to deter refugees without angering citizens

EU continues to search for the perfect number of drownings in order to deter refugees without angering citizens

Brussels – all a question of Fine tuning? European ministers and representatives of the EU to readjust to the rescue of refugees following the recent boat accidents in the Mediterranean once more. The brave diplomats have the challenging task to identify the perfect number of drowned people on the coast of Europe per year.

The dilemma: Can you drown too many refugees in distress idly, it damages the image of the EU, which then could be even forced to return to their prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. However, you can drown a few that could attract even more desperate people to risk the perilous crossing.

‘ That’s where we’re at the fine-tuning’, says Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU ), who attended yesterday together with Frank -Walter Steinmeier ( SPD ) at a crisis meeting of EU foreign ministers.

must also include the stranger Feindlichkeits coefficients of the Germans since PEGIDA with in its calculation: de Maizière’ In 2014, for example, are only a few thousand Africans drowned in the Mediterranean. Although there remained the European population quiet, but unfortunately had more refugees not enough fear of crossing’ says de Maizière. Therefore, he has also worked tirelessly for the EU, the Italian naval operation Mare Nostrum ( de Maizière:’ Mare Nostrum was intended as an emergency and has proven as a bridge to Europe’) in favor of the much less extensive Frontex operation adjusts Triton.

German Interior Minister, who is now more flexible as even could imagine a new edition of Mare Nostrum is, he adds: ” That was of course bad luck with both boats so short a time. Had the refugees more evenly distributed over the year drowned, Triton might have been sufficient. But over 1000 in just one week’ Now we must just readjust to the new 10 -point plan a little.’Point 2 was written by me.’

Thomas de Maizière:’ It’s like a radio station. Too much in one direction: noise. Too much in the other: Pipe. But eventually you meet’s the right place and can enjoy the European anthem.’

The European Union and its foreign and interior ministers are optimistic that they will soon find the right number of drownings. The population of the EU is that it does not realize that the refugee dramas are then disappeared from the headlines.

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