Record: sports car driver creates flash Marathon ( 42x be flashed ) in under two hours

Record: sports car driver creates flash Marathon ( 42x be flashed ) in under two hours

Dusseldorf ( archive) – fastest time ! The Dusseldorf business consultant Hanno Lensen likely to be the undisputed winner of Friday once again the nationwide lightning Marathon. After all, it is the 34 -year-old managed to be a series of flashes with his sports car 42 times and in just one hour 58 minutes and 37 seconds. If this result is confirmed, this means a new world record.

‘ I have long been trained for the marathon and am already for months rushing through each speed camera, which I have seen,’ said Lensen, which is still shaken by violent calf cramps in his legs accelerator, proud.’ But that’s my day, I only noticed when I was already flashed 22 times and was only passed one hour.’

Throws himself for the postilion in Pose: Lensen Although he is really just amateur racer, comes Lensens sporting success is not by chance. For hours he has studied all flash Create in West Germany and calculates the perfect route using a computer program. After all, is in the official Flash marathon rules that no radar must be passed twice.

‘ Then one is of course dependent on environmental influences. If the weather? Keeps the engine? How many tractors are on the road and brake from you,’ muses Lensen and adds:’. I did not do it for the fame, but because I myself wanted to prove something’

Whether the young sports car drivers really the previous world record holder Frank Benninger (49 ) from Munich ( 2:03:38 h) can dethrone is not finally secure. Now all eagerly await the results of the flash units (‘ Photo Finish’). Only if all 42 photos have become something and the time of 1:58:37 hours between the first and the last snapshot of any official traffic judge confirms Lensen has endowed with a lifelong ban Title sure as the world best in the lightning marathon.

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