Study proves that Indians know but pain

Study proves that Indians know but pain

New Haven / Connecticut ( archive) -‘ An Indian knows no pain': These words get little kids always heard if they are to be brave. Scientists at Yale University have now investigated the truth of the old adage of 1,000 Native Americans and could refute it impressive. Apparently Indians are just as sensitive to pain as everyone else.

Dr. Dwight Ewing, the initiator of the study, told a press conference:’ Whether we use a hammer beat our many volunteers on hand, she pulled her hair or even sprinkled salt them in the eye, they did not respond differently than you. would expect’

go on researching will: Dr. Dwight Ewing’s membership to a particular tribe or age has no bearing on how well you cope with a kick to the groin or a hearty slap:’Young Apaches scream as loud as wise old Comanche medicine men, on account of a Stocks plunge into the spokes of the wheel’, Ewing said.

The conclusion of the study was, therefore, that the saying is untrue or it would have to be taken literally, would follow from which that actually only’ON Indians’ feels no pain.

To see this to find a non-sensitive Indians, Ewing has its field trials now been extended indefinitely.

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