Holte a single point: HSV dismisses coach Bruno Labbadia

Holte a single point: HSV dismisses coach Bruno Labbadia

Hamburg – He came as a beacon of hope now is his time in Hamburg over. After a raven series of 24 consecutive hours without any points, the HSV separates with immediate effect by coach Bruno Labbadia. That gave the club announced today.

‘ It was a painful decision, but we must recognize that Bruno was not able to put the decisive impulses in a relegation battle, we expected of him’, HSV – Minister Jens Meier told a press conference.’ A score of zero wins and zero points is enough for each club. So we had to pull the ripcord against Bremen before the important derby.’

Labbadia itself would not comment on his early departure, but should have received a princely sum.

The current mood in the team Meier described as’ well under the circumstances’. Most players have already resigned to see an unfamiliar face as trainers during workouts.’ We now have the rule of thumb that the player simply the oldest man turns up in a pub, with’ ey, responsive trainer’.’ This did indeed have to conduct several times Rafael van der Vaart (64 ) training.’ But at least do something for his money,’ says Meier.

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