Elementary Student protest annual immigration of unskilled first graders

Elementary Student protest annual immigration of unskilled first graders

Marburg ( archive) – It just will not stop: For years pass each fall hosts unqualified graders at the Schiller School in Marburg. They hope there on a free training that they would not get at home. After a petition of third- and fourth- graders who fear alienation of their school, the school board should act now to curb the influx of immigrants.

‘ Meanwhile the Schillerschule something like a paradise for first graders become’ complains Timo Ebert, spokesman for the class 3b.’ One has the feeling that it will be more and more.’

graders out! The immigrants benefited shamelessly from the welcoming culture of the school.’ Self may not matter. The bring nothing of value to the school. Which must be taught everything’, Ebert complained. After he has collected 71 signatures of indignant classmates, he now hopes that the Director imposed a strict ban on immigration for the next school year.

But there are also critical voices. Many of today’s third and fourth graders had once been first graders themselves, their argument. Timo Ebert thinks about it not much:’ That was before two years of schooling. At that time you could still count to 16 before you came in first grade.’

His school he holds even without new first graders to survive.’ The playground is not full, the sale must not break you as long as I forbear do not see where the problem lies.’

Finally, the school would finally stop with the immigration more attractive for current students.’ We hope that we can keep highly qualified fourth graders longer at the school,’ says Ebert. Recently they were migrated on average after one year at high schools and other secondary schools.

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