Kasper attacked by crocodile

Kasper attacked by crocodile

Mainz ( archive) – In a kindergarten performance of Kasper was seriously injured today morning. Apparently, as is apparent from the minutes of the sergeant, the popular entertainer was the victim of a brutal attack crocodile while he was talking to a group of children. Still the Kasper is on the ICU. Grandmother and Gretel and the Seppl are very worried.

The 30 eyewitnesses to the incident reported unanimously that Kasper just – turned to the audience – said he had no fear of the crocodile, when this sneaking from behind

Always smiling: So one knew. him on the multiple warnings from the audience and the loud shriek of children zipfelbemutzte man responded though, but he looked it in the wrong direction. When the crocodile already tore his mouth, the Kasper called from recent warnings to the audience:’ What? The crocodile behind me? I think you nothing.’

Available on request of the postilion the sergeant, who arrived only after the Kasper bitten already violently declared was on the ground:’ It was very stupid of Kasper that he did not listen to the audience’ and then added:’ I recommend to anyone who feels that a crocodile sneaking up from behind with a complete change swirl around its own axis. So it can not hide.’

After the crocodile was wanted.

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