Study: Nine out of ten students write pensioners upside down

Study: Nine out of ten students write pensioners upside down

Erlangen ( archive) – A survey of the Goethe -Institut Erlangen brought to terrifying days: Almost 90 percent of students in Germany write the word’ pensioners’ for unknown reasons backwards. Terms such as’ nephew’,’ radar’ or’ Reliefpfeiler’ prepare the most serious difficulties. Only about one- tenth of the students correct spelling could be detected. Affected are all types of schools.

German Studies Professor Karsten Wolf is concerned about the lack of spelling skills German students. In collaboration with the Goethe Institute of Language, he leads since 2003 in the areas of spelling and syntax annual inspections of schools.

The tendency will be worse despite a brief recovery period 2012/2013 from year to year, says Wolf. During that time approximately 75 percent’ pensioners’ false written around, embrace today’s error rate almost all participants.

The significant deterioration was due, according to Wolf and his colleagues on the poor quality of today’s German lessons. The study leader bemoan the poor role model of many parents and some teachers. According to unofficial surveys write about 65 percent of adults’ retired’,’ nephew’,’ radar’ and’ Reliefpfeiler’ also upside down.

In an open letter to Education Minister Johanna Wanka (CDU ) Karsten Wolf complaining already the out in March his view’ alarming state’ and urged to take action. With success: The Ministry of Education is now planning as part of a spelling reform, the reverse spelling of’ pensioners’

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