Italy’s gone

Italy's gone

Innsbruck ( archive) – Gondolier, Mafia, Pizza, Dolce Vita – all since there are no longer, because in the night from Wednesday to Thursday Italy has disappeared without a trace. Why or where the Mediterranean country has disappeared could not yet be clarified.

‘ Italy is separated cleanly along the former state borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia’, marvels of Geologist Joseph Steyr Inger from the not far distant University of Innsbruck.’ Also, Sardinia and Sicily are just gone, however, the French Corsica is still in its usual place.’

The sudden disappearance of Italy has far-reaching consequences: Austria and Switzerland, now both have an impressive Alps part coast to the Mediterranean already building a navy and an ordinary fishing fleet have announced. The Pope, currently traveling, however, is homeless, but could initially rumored to stay with friends in the Cologne Cathedral.

Italy is the third country that has disappeared this year and also the first in Europe. In late January, Uzbekistan and Rwanda had vanished into thin air.

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