Trend Researcher: To be against the mainstream now fully mainstream

Trend Researcher: To be against the mainstream now fully mainstream

Berlin – Long it was only underground knowledge, now it’s official: who opposes the political, cultural and mainstream media, places – often without knowing it – behave in a day, which is now fully arrived in the mainstream. This was discovered by researchers trend of the Free University of Berlin.

According to criticize now around 91 percent of the German population regularly to mass taste, without realizing that they so mindlessly chasing a prevailing trend.’ The contempt of the mainstream is so widespread that it has to be now considered as quasi- bourgeois and bourgeois’, says trend researcher Jan- Malte Koschwitz.’ Because it does not help when some mainstream critics claim they were already been against the mainstream before it was mainstream.’

Who wants to settle as individualist from mainstream defying mainstream, therefore must consciously guided by the mainstream, Koschwitz out, however:’ Although one must also ask whether the mainstream can be described as mainstream yet, if the majority is against it.’

Either way, only in a few years, is likely to be for the mainstream again entered the mainstream, it will probably be hip again to despise the mainstream


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