Brandenburg: As a grandmother disguised wolf eats girl

Brandenburg: As a grandmother disguised wolf eats girl

Cottbus – Until now, researchers thought the return of the wolf in German forests harmless. But what happened next in the Lausitz, the defenders of the predator is likely to force a rethink. There is a particularly insidious copy eaten an early retiree, then output as just that and then have devoured also their granddaughter. In addition to the wolf, who was killed in the incident, no one was hurt, fortunately.

Previously believed to have been sent little Marie Muller (8 ) According to the police report from her mother Mandy Muller ( 25) with a bottle of wine and biscuits to her grandmother’s house (42). Mandy Muller counter the prosecution is currently considering legal action for neglect of parental care.’A child to send several miles through the forest is gross negligence especially when it is misused to transport alcoholic beverages’ said a police spokesman.

Little Marie (8). The investigation revealed that the wolf has given up yet mysteriously access to grandmother’s house. Then, he needs the defenseless woman ate and put on their clothes have both behaviors that wolves do not usually applied to the day.

So far, is also still unclear how it is supposed to be the animal succeeded with his paws, the buttons on the clothes to close early retiree.

The grandmother clothing should have the wolf then helped the fool now at the house arrived Marie Muller and also to eat.

veterinarians gave to concerns that this is the first case in which a wolf his victims devoured alive.’ It’s a mystery to us as the dog-sized animal succeeded a child and an adult woman to swallow completely without causing them even the slightest injury or while simply burst. After all, a wolf stomach is not much bigger than a football. He also takes a while dislocated his jaw have like a snake.’

Only the courageous and heroic intervention of an observant neighbor’s wife and the girl could be saved. The 45 -year-old forest guards waited claims to the nap of the animal from freed grandmother and child through skillful cuts on the belly of the wolf, put instead into pieces and sewed him back

The wolf is -. Although only a few minutes before a operation was performed with medically appropriate equipment in it – left little later the crime scene and be thrown into a nearby, not properly covered well.

Several citizens’ initiatives are now demanding that wolves in Germany again to shoot and released for extermination, so that such a drama not be repeated.

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