Police special forces beyond unclaimed egg, bunny suspect arrested

Police special forces beyond unclaimed egg, bunny suspect arrested

Munster ( archive) – An unattended egg has caused on Sunday morning in downtown Muenster great excitement. Thousands of residents had to temporarily leave their homes, while the suspicious item was blown up deliberately by a special unit of the Federal Police.

a strongly suspects hare that claim to have seen several witnesses at the age of three to eleven years in the vicinity of the crime scene, the police could arrest after a massive manhunt in the German – Dutch border.

Earlier in the morning several unsuspecting children were recorded by the police discovered the egg while playing and were initially assumed it belonged to someone and will equal picked up. An unusual about the painting of the ice worried mother finally alerted the police, who cordoned off the area widely

When questioned at the time. Suspect’ The woman has behaved entirely correctly even if the egg according to recent findings was apparently harmless’ so a police spokesman.’ But we still want to emphatically urge to stray in containers of all kinds to be careful’. Especially at Easter is that the risk of radically motivated terrorist attacks

But even after the arrest of the main suspect who apparently wanted to settle shortly before his capture a sophisticated system of tunnels to the Netherlands, there continues to be a state of emergency. For in the meantime is increasing reports of similar found in many German cities and towns. So have hundreds of other hidden placed eggs have been reported in public places throughout the country shortly after the announcement of the Munster case.

‘ We suspect that the arrested suspects only a small part of a much larger network is,’ said a senior police investigator, A crisis of the Interior Ministry advises now a multi-day security clearance Germany, until the last egg is checked for possible hazards.

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