Sham: Jever Fun does not contain alcohol

Sham: Jever Fun does not contain alcohol

Jever ( archive) – From for’ Have fun out there !’ Scientists at the prestigious Institute Safenius in Hamburg have discovered a bona fide scandal. After extensive analyzes and test tracks with double blind tastings they could prove that the so misleading titled beer’ Jever Fun’ does not contain alcohol. Customers seem to have been cheated for years.

‘ This is absolutely crazy how is this going because now there is fun if no alcohol is involved?’ Asks chief tester Professor Franz Karsten.’ I therefore strongly advise just people with problems from getting to seek solace in this drink. You will not find him.’

Finds the result sobering: Professor Karsten The backgrounds of fraud are still unclear since the Jever brewery also a perfect alcoholic beer (‘ Jever’) Apparently it costs even produces

.’ some effort to brew beer without alcohol. The logic behind it all will not go into the head,’said the visibly outraged Karsten me.’ But these soulless dishwater also’ Fun’ call to that is the height of bad taste !’

Now examine the prosecutor, whether against the Frisian brewery legal action for intentional deception customers. And that’s not all: In the meantime further complaints were received by the food control, bring the other major breweries, especially the traditional brand Clausthal, into disrepute.

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